Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Kathleen Vy Dinh, Texas


It was a nice Monday morning, and Tiffany and Jake were on their way to school together. As usual, Tiffany was going on and on about how good she was at volleyball. Being Jake, he listened to everything she had to say even if it annoyed him.  Jake and Tiffany have been going out since their freshman year. They are both now seniors.

As they both arrived, a bunch of people were crowding around a car. Stepping out of the crowd was this smoking hot girl named Jordan. Jordan spotted Jake and Tiffany not far away. She saw how annoyed Jake was. She decided to go talk to them. She flipped her hair and smirked. She strutted across the parking lot, and by the time she got there, Jake was smiling like an idiot. As soon as Jordan saw that smile, she fell in love at first sight. She started twirling her hair around her fingers while flirting with Jake, totally ignoring Tiffany. But, Tiffany was fuming mad when she saw what Jordan was doing. At that moment, Tiffany put Jordan on her personal hit list! All of a sudden everyone around them could feel chills come down there spine.  Something bad was going to happen!

Not far away a pretty girl saw the whole thing behind the tree, she started to laugh and laugh. She said between pants of laughter, “You have no idea do you Tiffany, do you?”

The mystery girl walked off into the school building.  For the whole week both girls where at each other’s neck. Jordan tried everything to steal Jake away from Tiffany, even trying out for the volleyball team! What surprised everyone was that Jordan took Tiffany’s spot as starter for the games! That was the only thing Tiffany enjoyed doing and Jordan took it away from her. After that, Tiffany was done! She was going to end it once and for all.

“The best thing to do is embarrass her until she will never show her face in public again,” Tiffany thought.

Jordan had no idea what was coming her way. As soon as Jordan stepped into the cafeteria, she was slapped right across the face! She was so surprise and shocked that she fell right down into a puddle of milk someone dropped earlier! Everyone who saw started to laugh, but Tiffany was not done with Jordan yet! Tiffany took her red-flavored fruit punch and poured it all over Jordan’s head. The juice stained her white shirt, making it partly see-through. Jake saw what happened and rushed over to help Jordan. Tiffany saw that and got even madder. Tiffany screamed at Jake, “Why are you helping her! Do you like me or Jordan more?”

Everyone was silent waiting for his answer. What surprised everyone was that Jake didn’t pick Tiffany or Jordan! He picked the girl that was hiding behind the tree. Her name was Amanda. It turned out Jake was secretly dating Amanda behind Tiffany’s back the whole time. Tiffany was so embarrassed, she ran out of the lunchroom crying. Sometimes people are not what they seem like!