Amazing Kids! Magazine

Who’s in the Jungle?

By Jessica Shelton, Grade 6, Peachtree Corners, GA


I had no idea why they were standing there on two of their feet, in their flashy colored skins. They almost didn’t seem like they belonged. In fact, I know they didn’t belong. Something definitely didn’t seem quite right in the jungle for the past few days. It was as if these unlikely animal creatures came into our habitat, our home, just to look at us in awe but I still didn’t know why. What did we have that they didn’t?  I mean, they were animals right? All of these thoughts kept me awake in the cool jungle breeze. I was the king of the jungle and I had to do my best to protect everyone but I couldn’t with these things lurking around every corner watching us like a hawk stalking a juicy mouse.

There had to be a way that I could identify what animal, or thing for that matter, this creature was. However something was standing in the way of doing so and that is that lately it has been clear to me that they do not speak in the way that we do. After all, we speak English and they speak gibberish, so how can we communicate?

It is now dawn and right on cue the things start filing in. Just as I give up hope, I notice a little thing on top of a big thing’s back. This made me think instantly of Roxy the gorilla, she knew everything about well, everything. So, as quick as a cheetah running during a race, I am galloping off to where Roxy always hangs out. In just a few short trots I reach Roxy’s secret hideout. My heart is racing and already Roxy has told me to sit down and that she will answer any questions I have. Without questioning how she knew what I had come for, I take a seat on a rock covered in green fluffy leaves. As soon as I see that Roxy is seated on her rock, I burst into speech about the awful things that could possibly put the whole jungle in danger and how I missed multiple nights of sleep and their gibberish talk and before I could finish, Roxy forced her words It sounds like they are humans into my mind even though I wasn’t expecting such an awful response that came upon me so abruptly.

I already know all about humans from their awful stench to their destructive meat loving minds. I am in trouble (and not the “stealing a few berries” trouble. I mean the “no escaping the doom trouble”). I need a plan but probably won’t think of one until tomorrow unless… I get some help from my royal assistants.

I thank Roxy, pay her with the juiciest berries a lion can find, and head home right at the beginning of sunset. I hear the jungle trees swaying outside my five story cave and decide that if I am going to even try to come up with a plan, with some help, now would be the time.

“Greetings Pinga,” my royal serpents yell out to me from the dining cave.

“Are you ready to get started?”

I take this as Pinga get in here now!, and shuffle toward them barely awake. What feels like years later we are done with a great plan that will surely get rid of the jungle’s human infestation. Tonight we will hold a meeting with all the jungle animals because of course of action we plan to take. I will need their help too.

It is now 7:30 and the tree branches rise as I step onto the rock and begin telling them about the plan.

“Ok here’s the plan,” I said, speaking clearly when my mind was really spinning and overfilled with thoughts. “In just a few hours our home will be invaded by humans for the last time and we are going to make it their last by all of you helping to scare them off. First things first! We clear out, every last thing gone. You all will go over to my good friend Eddy’s kingdom and stay at his jungle until dark. I however, will be back at our jungle pretending to be hurt and make them think that it was their fault. If they reach down to try to touch me with their killer fingers I will Roar at them, threatening to hurt them, but not really. This should be enough to get them to leave us alone for at least a week. Every day just to be sure, you guys will continue to go back to Eddy’s jungle because humans come to look at us and if there isn’t anyone to look at, they will give up and find somewhere else to roam.”

The sun began to rise on top of the cool jungle trees and everyone had already evacuated the area. The plan was all set in place, and perfect timing too because the humans are starting to file in. It is difficult for me to keep a straight face as I see their reactions when they only see one lion lying down on his back, not making any motion at all. I am disappointed though, when none of them try to reach out and touch me. How I long to scare them right out of their clothes, I thought. To at least pull on their heart strings, I decide to twitch a bit and stare right into their eyes. BINGO! That was enough to get one person down low enough to touch me. But they did it too quickly and I didn’t have time to Roar as the petting lured me into a relaxed trance. The smooth rubbing on my coat felt fantastic. It pains me to say it, but I actually love humans. Just because a few are doing bad things doesn’t mean that every human on the planet is bad. In fact, I don’t want the other animals to miss out on all the things humans have to offer.

The humans leave once again, leaving me with my thoughts. I immediately summon all the animals back. I explain my observations of the humans and my thoughts on them visiting the jungle. I call for a vote to see if the humans could stay. All animals begin to make jubilant calls as they unanimously agree to allow the humans to stay. Now this jungle is a human filled jungle and that is the way it is going to stay as long as I  Pinga, the King of the Jungle, am alive.