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Why Humans Live on Land: A New Greek Myth

By Irving Fernandez, age 11, California


A long time ago, humans did not walk on land, but would rather swim. There was a boy who enjoyed it the most, and his name was Kristaps he had short brown hair, which felt as soft as a teddy bear fluff. He lived in the part of the sea where more fish came out every day. Kristaps was always jealous, he would always want everything his friends had and also when someone got an accomplishment he would get mad, as mad as a bull spotting the color red. Kristaps and his best friend Joel always went into the heart of the sea, but they never went to close because if they disturbed the god of the sea Poseidon he would hurt them. Joel was Kristaps’s truthful friend. Joel was never mean he always congratulated Kristaps in his accomplishments. He was a humble man.  He and Kristaps would love to hunt for fish every day. One dark Thursday Kristaps and Joel went to go hunt for food after about an hour of searching Kristaps and Joel were about to give up.

“Let’s go home, it seems like all the fish stayed home on this dark day,” suggested Joel.

“No, I can feel the fish they always come outside to play,” responded Kristaps.

Joel was about to leave for home but then at the last moment, all the fish of the sea came out all at once. What they didn’t know was that Poseidon had come out with the fish that day. Joel swopped to grab some fish, Poseidon noticed and he went after Joel. Poseidon hated seeing humans grab his friends like if it were just nothing. It was like seeing a family member get killed.

“I dare that boy to kill my fish if he does he will be given a punishment and so will his friend,” said Poseidon angrily.

“Joel, watch out!” exclaimed Kristaps as Poseidon grabbed Joel from underneath.

“I will return your dear friend if you can get me all the gold in the sea,” said Poseidon angrily.

Kristaps hurried to the richest part of the sea. All the gold was hidden in the city of Atlantis. Kristaps went to the darkest part of the city because that’s where most of the gold was at.

“Hopefully they haven’t discovered the gold that was around here a few years ago,” thought Kristaps.

Kristaps was as worried as if it were the last day on earth. But he knew if he wanted to save his dear friend he needed to become brave. When Kristaps thought all was lost, he came up with a plan to try and fool Poseidon. Although Kristaps was a bad leer, he needed to save his friend. Kristaps quickly grabbed gold paper and scrunched it up for he can take it to Poseidon. But Kristaps had found gold, but he wanted to keep it for himself.

“Finally I can fool Poseidon for Joel,” thought Kristaps.

Kristaps ran as fast as a cheetah to Poseidon’s palace where he had Joel inside a prison. “Dear god of the sea I have found all the gold that you wanted, now let my friend go please,” Kristaps begged to Poseidon when he had gotten to his throne. Poseidon walked toward Kristaps to check the gold he had claimed.

“Well Kristaps this is some fine, fine gold you have brought me,” said Poseidon

Kristaps was trying not to worry, and he almost got away with fooling Poseidon! When Poseidon was about to free Joel, who was as cold as a bird in New York on winter, the gold in his hand accidentally cut himself.

“YOU HAVE TRIED TO FOOL ME!!!” shouted Poseidon angrily “THIS IS PAPER NOT GOLD, FOR THAT I AM GOING TO PUNISH EVERY HUMAN IN THE SEA!” continued Poseidon furiously. Kristaps didn’t have anything to say. Joel was very disappointed in Kristaps.

“What did you do Kristaps?” questioned Joel.

“I have tried to fool Poseidon but have failed,” responded Kristaps disappointedly.

Then Kristaps showed Joel the gold.

“This was all the gold I found but because of my jealousy I kept it,” said Kristaps.

Because of Kristaps and Joel now every human lives on land and cannot survive in the sea.

Moral: Trying to cheat your way out of things makes the problem worse.

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