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Why The Sky is the Color Blue (A New Greek Myth)

By Brenda Aceves, age 11, San Pablo


A long time ago in a very small town there was a young woman named Rose. Rose loved painting. She sometimes painted about the Greek gods (such as Zeus, Aphrodite, and other gods or goddesses), her environment, and many other things. Some people were envious that she could paint.

One day, four gods and goddesses decided to go to Rose’s house to test her to see if she was a kind person or an evil person. They disguised themselves and then knocked on her door.

“Excuse me, sorry to interrupt. We saw your beautiful painting earlier. We thought it was amazing. Can you perhaps make us a painting please?” Hestia asked.

“It’s okay for interrupting. So what do you want me to paint in the picture?” Rose replied.

“A picture of the Greek Gods and Goddesses if you can,” Apollo spoke.

“That is going to a bit difficult, but I’ll try to do it,” Rose replied.

“Thank you. We’ll give you something in return for accepting to paint a picture,” Hera said.

‘No, no you don’t have to. It can be for free,” Rose replied.

“We insist to bring you something in return,” Hera insisted.

“Can we perhaps pick up the painting in three days?” Dionysus asked.

“Sure. Whenever you feel like receiving it,” Rose smiled.

After all the gods and goddesses left, Rose found herself low on supplies. She knew she needed to make more supplies, or she couldn’t make the painting. She knew this would take some time, so she started to rethink the whole thing.

Rose thought, Should I really paint the picture? Or should I not?

“Never mind, I should. It’s the right thing to do plus they might get angry if I lied or if I don’t have it,” Rose decided.

A few hours later, she finally had gathered enough supplies to make the painting. Two days later, Rose finished the painting. She painted the sky, as if the color was blue. It made the painting look beautiful.

As soon as the gods and goddesses came, they thanked Rose for the beautiful painting that had the Olympian gods and goddesses in it. They then took off their disguises, revealing themselves to Rose. They told Rose they would grant her any wish of her choice.

Before a minute went by, Rose replied as quickly as a tiger, “Can I wish for the sky to be the color blue? I know that sounds silly, but please? I saw how it looked beautiful in the picture, and imagine it in real life! If I can have a wish, I want for the sky to be the color blue.”

“It did look beautiful in the picture, and you do have a point, so we will grant your wish. Plus, we did say we would grant you any wish,” Hera answered Rose.

“Yes, we will grant your wish because of your generous and kind actions,” Hestia, Dionysus, and Apollo said proudly as if she had gotten straight A’s.

“Thank you so much!” Rose gushed as if she had just won the lottery.

“No problem,” Hestia said.

As soon as the gods and goddesses left, they made the sky blue for Rose. Rose saw the sky as the beautiful blue and she was very happy.

Rose later thought that when you agree to do something, it is better to stick to it until the end instead of disappointing the person you made the agreement with.

This is why the sky remains the color blue.


  1. Ariana /

    I LOVE IT! You should become an author when you grow up. I could not tear my eyes away until I was at the very end. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Claire /

    I liked this myth alot. Im currently in class doing a project on greek myths and we can make up our own story based on a greek myth and this has givven me plenty of ideas. Thankyou i enjoyed your story alot. I encourage you to write more.

  3. Irin /

    Wow! That was great dear Brenda, I enjoyed it alot, you are very good writer. Thank you 🙂