Amazing Kids! Magazine

Why We Should Be Thankful

By Kayla Esters, age 15, California


Not everyone gets to have the same things that we have. In fact, people all around the world don’t have the means to celebrate any holidays, much less food to feast on. Everyone should be happy for everything they get. Most people are thankful… but notice how I say most.

The one person who wants more and more is little Ricky. He’s never understood what it is to share. Let’s pay him a visit, shall we, as we make our way to little old Canada—all the way down to Maple Street and to the nice house that little Ricky lives in. As we move closer, you can hear the yells and screams of little Ricky not getting what he wants.

“But Mommy, I want the new robot toy! I want it, I want it!” Ricky yelled. A television commercial was on, showing the ‘MR.DESTRUCTOR 500’ with its all-new talking features. He wanted it, he had to have it, and he will.

“Ricky, no,” said his mom. “You already have enough toys… but tell you what. If you can donate some of your toys to the less fortunate kids, then you can get a new toy, okay?” Ricky’s mom was always worried about her son’s greed.

Little Ricky was confused—he didn’t understand what his mommy was saying.

“Mommy what is donate?” Ricky had never heard about that.

“Well, it’s when we gather up all of the toys that you don’t want anymore, and we go to a homeless shelter or an orphanage and give all the little boys and girls the toys. We share with them because they don’t have enough money, or mommys and daddys like you do.” Ricky’s mom sure did hope that her son understood what she was telling him.

But little Ricky was still confused. Why didn’t the little boys and girls have all the stuff he had? Ricky smiled at his mom and went running to his toy room. He began to sort through all of his old toys until he had a big stack.

“Mommy, Mommy! Come on, let’s go give all the kids my toys!” Ricky was excited. As they loaded up the car, Ricky could not stay still. He was thrilled to see all the children’s faces when they got their new toys.

They arrived at their community homeless shelter and went inside. What Ricky saw broke his heart: he saw crowds of people getting food, but not a lot of it. It sure wasn’t as much as Ricky usually threw away during dinner. Ricky’s mom grabbed his hand and the bag of toys, and helped him give the toys to all the kids. Every now and then, Ricky would get a thank you hug from the kids, each of which he accepted.

Ricky started to cry when he saw all the mommys and daddys hug his mom.

“Ricky, what’s wrong?” his mom asked, worried. “Why are you crying?”

“Mommy, I feel bad, because these people don’t have everything that I do, and I just throw it away like it’s nothing!”

It was true—little Ricky did throw away everything he had. But now he knew better.

Ricky said goodbye to all the people there, and then they went to the orphanage. When they walked in, Ricky again couldn’t believe what he saw: a big house full of boys and girls without mommies and daddies. Again, they gave out the toys, and everyone was happy. Ricky’s mom was happy that her son knew what it felt like to give to others, and Ricky was happy that kids would have fun with the toys that he didn’t want anymore.

He learned a big lesson: that it’s not good to want everything and then just throw it away. There were people who didn’t get to have everything he did. So after that day, every time Little Ricky got a new toy, he would donate more toys to his friends at the homeless shelter and the orphanage. Ricky’s mom and dad could not be happier with their son’s generosity.