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The Crying Eye Ruby (Part 2 of 3)

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by Ryan Traynor, age 11, California

Being Chief Detective at Scotland Yard was both a blessing and a curse.  Detective Gordon was underpaid and overworked but the thrill of solving crimes was like a drug that he couldn’t get out of his system. As he strode into the Crown Jewel Museum, all eyes turned to him. With an air of authority he started shouting out directions…”Secure the Exits!”…”Bring me the ticket sales records for today.”… “I want all security tapes and logs.”… “I need the employee records and all employees on premises to the interrogation room.”

His teeth were clenched as he surveyed the room and realized the importance of solving this case.  The international press would determine the future of his career.  He was almost disappointed that there was nothing stolen from the Silver Room.  The hairs on the back of his neck indicated that something was wrong.  He went to the security office and saw  tourists that had supposedly left the building 10 minutes ago still appearing on the screen.  He now knew the cameras had been tampered with.

He alerted the guards to inventory each room and report any missing items.  No reports for anything missing were returned.  Had the thief been scared off? He didn’t believe that for one moment.  Looking over the control buttons, he realized something didn’t make sense.  One button was not lit – the crown jewel room security alarm was turned off!

Rushing to the crown jewel room he gathered guards as he went. Inch by inch he used his hawk-like eyes to gather any precious clues.  Within minutes he spotted a hair within the crown case.  A closer look revealed the cut glass and within seconds they had discovered that the crown had been replaced. He snapped on his evidence gloves and proceeded to pick up the hair with tweezers.  In his gut, he knew this is what would break the case.

“Bring this to the forensics lab immediately,” he ordered.  The police officers scrambled to do his will.

Making his way back to the security office, he almost tripped over the wallet.  Using his gloved hands, he dropped it into an evidence bag with a swish.  He was on his way to solving the crime of the century.

The security guard was interrogated for over 48 hours because the story of the retirement party was too unlikely to be true. Finally, after careful background checks and interviews of all observers that day, he let the poor chap off the hook.  He’d never be employed as a security guard again, but that was just the breaks.

Back at headquarters he was having a very difficult time getting a search warrant.  It isn’t every day that authorities want a judge to sign a search warrant for a Prince. Prince William would be the next king after his father, except for his brother.  It was public knowledge that he was unhappy about having to wait.  Stealing the crown would put a cloud over his brother’s reign and cause embarrassment within the family.  To get the warrant, however, he had to put his career on the line.  To him it was worth the risk.

Unfortunately, the two week search of all the prince’s residences and stables, revealed nothing.  High powers gave him an indefinite suspension, in disgrace.

Gordon wouldn’t let that stop him, however.  He spent every waking moment reviewing files, printouts, computer screens, photos, tapes and notes of the case.  His wife left him.  His dog died.  The case was the only thing keeping him going.  He was a shadow of the man he once was. His dreams were all set at the Tower of London.  He just couldn’t move on.

Gilroy sat in his chair, staring into the fire in the fireplace. He felt content.  He glanced down into his hand to see the ruby – the crying eye ruby.  Under the prongs holding the ruby to the crown, there was a small inclusion in the shape of a teardrop.  This is what he was looking for – proof that this ruby was the one.  He had heard for years about the ruby from his father.

His Great Grandfather had worked many years in the mines of Africa.  After the years of hard work had almost taken his life, he discovered a bleeding rock when he was mining one day.  He almost overlooked it, because they were mining for coal.  But, there it was, in all its glory – a ruby that cried.

He slept for years with the ruby under his pillow – so afraid of thieves in the area.  He was smart enough to find a trustworthy jewel cutter to cut and polish his gem.  This jeweler kept good records and warned him of the danger such a discovery could bring to his family.  Years went by and he almost forgot to be worried.  He used the smaller stones found alongside the ruby to keep his family out of poverty, but never told of the miraculous find.

One day marauders entered his village and set the huts on fire.  Barely getting his family out alive, he waited in the trees until it was safe to return. He searched for days in the ashes of the village, but the ruby was nowhere to be found.

His Great Grandfather had relayed this story to his Grandfather on his death bed because earlier that year, he had heard that the ruling party in his region had made a gift to the Queen of England that included a crying ruby.  He knew it had to be his.  Not believing the story, his Grandfather did nothing except pass the story on to his father, like a fable.

Ever since Gilroy had heard the story, he had frequent dreams where his Great Grandfather urged him to bring the ruby back to the family.

Gilroy packaged the ruby to take to the jewelers to make a necklace for his wife.  No one would believe it was real.  Hiding in plain sight, he would display the prize to all in his wife’s necklace.

(to be continued next month)