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The Cupcake Princess

By Sunayna Prasad, age 16, New York

Fifteen year old Mindy Breslin saw a picture of a pink cupcake in her magazine. It was big and surrounded by small cupcakes.

“Perfect,” Mindy said out loud to herself. “My friend Jessie’s birthday is next weekend. I’m sure she’ll love this idea.”

A woman with shoulder length, strawberry blonde hair walked into Mindy’s bedroom.

“Hi Mom,” Mindy greeted. “I have the perfect idea to give Jessie for her birthday.”

Mindy held up the picture of the big cupcake surrounded by small ones.

“That’s a wonderful idea Mindy,” said Mrs. Breslin. “I’m sure Jessie will love that.”

A week had passed since Mindy showed her mother the picture of the cupcakes. It was Saturday, the day of Jessie’s birthday party. Mindy got out of bed, got dressed, and headed to the kitchen. Instead of making her breakfast, Mindy decided to make the cupcakes. She put on an apron, put her long blonde hair up in a high knot, and prepared the batter. Her idea was to make the cupcakes look similar to the ones in the magazine; but still alter them up. She put some of the batter into a big cupcake pan and the rest into a pan for smaller cupcakes. She baked them and within an hour, she took them out. Mrs. Breslin entered the kitchen.

“Hey Honey,” she said to Mindy. She now noticed the cupcakes. “Did you just take those out now?”

Mindy nodded.

“Well while the cupcakes are cooling, why don’t you make breakfast for your father and me?”

“Alright, I’ll do that.”

Mindy made fried eggs and bacon for her parents. Once the cupcakes were cool enough, Mindy frosted the big one with fairy pink frosting that swirled like frozen yogurt. She frosted the smaller cupcakes with alternating pink and white frostings. Once done frosting, Mindy took some round, pale, rainbow sprinkles and sprinkled them onto the big cupcake. With the small cupcakes, she sprinkled some pink sugars. After all that hard work, Mindy placed her cupcakes in muffin cups on a cupcake stand with the big cupcake at the top and the small ones on the lower stands. Then the telephone began to ring. Mindy picked it up.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Mindy, it’s Jessie. I’ve got bad news,” said the voice on the other line.

“What happened?”

“It’s about to rain; so my mom told me to call all my guests to tell them it’s now cancelled.”


“Yeah, I’m really sorry. I was looking forward to it too.”

“I made you some cupcakes though,” Mindy said sounding upset.

“That was very nice of you,” said Jessie. “But unfortunately, I can’t eat cupcakes. I’m allergic to flour.”

“I guess I made those cupcakes for nothing,” said Mindy sadly.

“It’s okay. You can share them with your family. Bye Mindy.”

“Bye Jessie.”

Mindy sat at the dinner table, and placed her hands on her cheeks. Her cupcakes were a total waste. Mr. Breslin walked into the kitchen.

“What’s wrong Mindy?” he asked.

“Jessie’s birthday party got cancelled due to weather conditions. Not only that, she’s allergic to flour, so she can’t eat cupcakes.”

“Well I’ve got something that will cheer you up,” said Mr. Breslin. There is a bake fair competition this Friday evening right near where I work. It’s open to all people fifteen and over. Perhaps you can bring your cupcakes there.”

Mindy’s heart rose and a smile formed on her face.

“Perfect Dad,” she said happily. “I’ll do that.”

Mindy saved the cupcakes for Friday by freezing them, and thawing them out before she went to school. In the evening, she packed the cupcakes in a pastry box. Then her dad drove her to the fair. Once at the fair, the two found a table for the cupcakes. Judges were passing each table of baked goods. When they saw Mindy’s cupcakes, they gasped with excitement.

“Wow, those look beautiful,” said one of the judges.

Once all the baked goods were checked, one of the judges spoke on the microphone.

“Attention contestants, you have done a wonderful job with your baked goods. And we have two winners. The first one goes to Mrs. Jennifer Anthony, for her circus themed cake.”

Everybody, including Mindy, applauded for Mrs. Anthony.

“And for second place, Miss. Mindy Breslin, for her pretty in pink cupcakes.”

The applause happened again.

“Mindy that’s you,” said Mr. Breslin happily. “Congratulations!”

The judge placed the silver medal around Mindy’s neck.

“Thank you for coming, everyone, and congratulations to Jennifer Anthony and Mindy Breslin: queen of cakes and princess of cupcakes.

After the announcements and distribution of medals, people got to share and eat their baked goods. Mindy was glad that her cupcakes were not a waste. She had had fun.

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  1. Sunayna Prasad /

    Pardon all my gramatical errors. I still was not the best writer. However, my writing skills have improved tremendously!

    -Sunayna Prasad, author of this story.

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