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The Glow Ball

By Reed Mitra, age 7

Joy, a boy, was sleeping when he saw some light: this was the magic light. He woke up, took his magic broomstick, and flew to the sky, where he saw many stars and planets. Then, one star burst and a glow ball came out of it. He went in front of the glow ball and took it with him.

Joy came back home in the morning and he had his breakfast before going off to sleep. In the afternoon he went to the garden to play with his glow ball. The ball fell into the well and came close to a snake head. The snake swallowed the glow ball. Then, a fire robot came out from the ball. He put fire onto the snake and the snake died.

Then the fire robot came out of the well with the glow ball and gave it back to Joy, telling him to read his instructions. Then he said, “If anybody attacks you, you can use the glow ball to save yourself.”

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  1. Sadie Wallner /

    Very Creative!