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The Amazing Kids! Magazine ( is an award-winning online publication created by kids and teens like you! We are proud of the amazing creative work kids can do, and love showcasing it here on our website! Take a look and get inspired to write your own stories or articles! Submit them to us at: Be sure to read our Submission Guidelines first!

Our magazine is read by hundreds of thousands of people each year from around the world! Content from the magazine is featured in educational textbooks around the world. We are proud to have been selected as one of the top 24 “Great Web Sites for Kids” in 2010 by the American Library Association in the category of “Writing By Kids.” Now that’s amazing! 🙂

The Amazing Kids! Magazine is one of several web-based literacy-building, educational enrichment programs of Amazing Kids! (, a web-based children’s education non-for-profit, organization. Our mission at Amazing Kids! is to inspire excellence in children while helping them realize their potential and launch their dreams.

Founded in 1998 by Amazing Kids! President Alyse Rome, the organization is based out of Seattle, Washington and is run by a network of volunteers from around the globe.

Amazing Kids! believes that every child has the potential to be an “Amazing Kid,” if given the right amount of love, support, guidance and inspiration they need. Thank you for joining us as we celebrate and nurture the wonderful gifts and amazing potential of our children!