Amazing Kids! Magazine

A Fine Young Pianist

by Allison Stein, age 10, Michigan

Katelyn Stein is a girl who loves piano and practices daily. My sister got started when our family got a keyboard from a friend. Katelyn wondered what good a piano was if you couldn’t play it. Finally, she convinced our parents to take lessons from a piano instructor in the neighborhood.

Katelyn started her lessons on January 14, 2010. She says her favorite song is “Indian Dance” because it relieves her stress. She must have a lot of stress because she’s played it a million times! At least, that’s what it feels like.

Katelyn thinks playing the piano is fun because she loves to listen to music and sing along. She’s also a great dancer, and playing piano seems to fit Katelyn’s personality perfectly.

She says someday she could be famous, but she can’t promise anything. I know she’ll be a big hit though, because she’s played in a recital, and I didn’t hear any booing. In fact, everyone was clapping and cheering. That’s how hard this eight-year-old has worked to launch her dream as a pianist!