Amazing Kids! Magazine

A Writer’s World

By Allison Stein, age 10, Michigan

On a typical Monday morning, you’d find Janis Stein in the office of our house, typing away at the computer. After Janis wakes up, she starts the day with a cup of coffee, watches the glorious sunrise of all colors, and jogs down the road for a half-hour before she gets busy with her writing career. Janis has published two books: Schools of Yesteryear and Musings of a Country Girl. She writes for various newspapers and magazines, and she is often found doing telephone interviews or writing a story.

Janis has always loved writing stories, but she never considered being an author until she was thirty years old. Back then, Janis wrote a wonderful Christmas story. Janis had a feeling that this story was one of the best things she’d ever written, so she mailed her story to a local newspaper, The Minden City Herald. It turned out Janis’s story was front page news!

One year later, in 2001, Janis wrote a story called My Christmas Pig. It was about an experience Janis had had when she was a little girl. Planning to submit it to The Minden City Herald, Janis showed her story to a friend, who informed her that her writing would be a great fit for The Lakeshore Guardian. Janis called up the editor of The Lakeshore Guardian, and then she e-mailed the editor her story. Not only did Janis become a freelance writer, but My Christmas Pig was on the front page of both The Lakeshore Guardian and The Minden City Herald!

Not long after that, Janis started writing a history column about one-room schoolhouses. People were very excited to read it, so the editor of The Lakeshore Guardian suggested to Janis that she write a book. However, Janis had no idea how to write a book. Just the thought hurt her head. The editor told her she had to go out of her comfort zone to grow and learn. Finally, Janis agreed, but she asked the editor to design her book. The editor said she did not know how, so Janis gave the editor her own advice! Before long, Janis’s first book, Schools of Yesteryear, was complete! It took a lot of work, but Janis had succeeded!

Janis thinks if you have a dream, and you work hard at it, anything is possible. Janis is an inspiration to all of the Amazing Kids!

Thanks, Mom