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Anne Frank – An Amazing Kid from History

By Jordan Brunk, Amazing Kid from History Editor and Contributing Writer


Anne Frank is an amazing kid from history. When she was just a teenager living in Germany during the 1940s, World War II and the Holocaust began and her childhood transformed from ordinary to one of hiding. Once laws were set in place against Jewish people, such as forbidding them to own businesses, Anne’s father took her and her family to an unused area of his work building, a place they called The Secret Annex. Joined with another family, Anne and her family lived and hid in the Secret Annex for two years until they were discovered by Nazi soldiers from an anonymous tip. While Anne lived in the Secret Annex, she kept a detailed diary about her life that gives us first-hand information on what it was like during World War II and the Holocaust as well as her thoughts and feelings that teach us to always be positive and accept that people are different, yet the same, because we are all human beings.

During her time in the Secret Annex, Anne spent much of her time writing in a red checkered diary she received from her parents on her thirteenth birthday. She wrote almost every single day while staying silent during the business work hours. Anne wrote about what was happening in the world outside of the Secret Annex along with the oppression and death taking place in concentration camps. She learned this information from a radio and select people who came to check on everyone staying in the Secret Annex. Anne was able to give first-hand a steady account of milestones and major events in World War II and Holocaust history. Even amidst much negative information, Anne continued to stay positive and hopeful. She believed that all people were great people and looked for the best in everyone.

Besides writing what was happening outside the Secret Annex, Anne also wrote about her ideas and thoughts flowing through her creative mind. She wrote her feelings towards having to stay and sit quietly for hours every work day, the sadness and loneliness she sometimes felt, plus not being able to speak, which was something Anne was very talented at. She described how much she yearned to run and play outside, what she would give just to be a child again and do whatever she dreamed.

Anne also wrote about joyful experiences in the Secret Annex including birthdays, holidays, and Christmas. She described the games they played and the schoolwork packets she completed. She wrote stories, the beginning of a novel, and quotes from her favorite movie stars. She recorded her hopes and dreams, what she someday wanted to accomplish and her feelings about what is was like growing up.

When Anne and everyone living in the Secret Annex were discovered and shipped to concentration camps, Anne left her diary in the Secret Annex, later to be found by a lady, Miep, who came to check up on them periodically. After World War II and the Holocaust concluded, Anne’s father returned to the Secret Annex where Miep gave him Anne’s diary. He read her diary and decided to publish select passages into a book titled Diary of a Young Girl. The book is a bestseller and has been translated into many different languages.

From Anne’s diary and her experiences, we learn many things. We learn not just facts about World War II and the Holocaust, but also the story of a teenage girl hiding from the dark world. We learn about Anne herself, an innocent girl looking at the best of people, encouraging them and never losing hope. Anne shows us that even though people have different religions, we are all humans who share the same qualities and despite our differences, we should accept everyone for who they are. Anne also shows us that no matter what, we should always be positive and live life to the fullest. She learned these things from her experiences, both great and frightening. In this way, Anne Frank really is an amazing kid from history.

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  1. Cain Stivala Borg /

    Anne Frank was very talent. I hope everyone remembers her!