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Benjamin Franklin: An Amazing Kid from History

By Jordan Brunk, Amazing Kid from History Editor and Contributing Writer


Benjamin Franklin is an amazing kid from history. He shows us that we can accomplish whatever we put our minds to and can always come up with new, inspirational ideas to help out those around us. Benjamin was born on January 17th, 1706 as one of seventeen kids. As a child, Benjamin thoroughly enjoyed reading and writing. When he was older, his father assigned him to help out and learn from his older brother, James, at the printing shop he ran. This was an amazing opportunity for Benjamin as he really liked words and books.

As a writer, Benjamin wanted to be published in his brother’s newspaper, but he knew that James would never allow it, so instead he wrote letters from fake people that everyone loved, so James posted them in his newspaper. Eventually, Benjamin revealed that it was him who was writing the letters.

Once he got a little bit older, Benjamin used his writing skills and information to compose a book called “Poor Richard’s Almanac”. It contained facts about the earth, really wise sayings, and more. It was a popular book and many people enjoyed reading it. Benjamin Franklin also did many things for the environment and organizations where he lived in Philadelphia. He helped with fire prevention, street work, Insurance Against Loss by Fire, the Library Company, and aided in starting the American Philosophical Society.

Besides writing, reading, and helping the environment, Benjamin was also interested in science. He successfully made a heating stove that helped warm houses during his time. He also discovered electricity with the light bulb, and invented glasses called bifocals, a type of instrument, and swimming fins. He created many different things that helped make the world become a better place.

Benjamin Franklin did many things during his life. When he was still really young, he read, wrote, discovered, and created many things. He always kept imagining and finding ways to change the world. He shows us that along with our busy schedules, we can always find the time to be kids and stay creative. He also shows us to help the world by caring for the environment. This includes recycling, turning off the water, and more.

Benjamin tells us that we can accomplish whatever we put our minds to and can always come up with new, inspirational ideas to help out those around us and the world. In this way, Benjamin Franklin really is an amazing kid from history.

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