Amazing Kids! Magazine

Bob Heft: An Amazing Kid from History

By Jordan Brunk, Amazing Kid from History Editor and Contributing Writer


Bob Heft, or formally Robert G. Heft, is an amazing kid from history. He shows us that even if people look down on our designs and ideas, we can still believe in them ourselves, so they can turn out to be wonderful, perhaps even made famous worldwide. He was born on January 19, 1941, in Saginaw, Michigan. He was a bright, mischievous young boy and had big ideas for school projects.

One day, Bob’s teacher gave him and his peers an open-ended assignment outside of the classroom to complete. Bob pondered what he was going to do for a little bit and then finally made his decision. He was going to design a new flag for the United States of America.

Taking a stitched cloth flag treasured by his parents that they had specially received, Bob cut it drastically and tried to sew an entirely new flag based off of the old one. He faced some difficulties, such as sewing for the first time and the wrath of his parents, yet he persevered in order to make his idea come to life.

Eventually, Bob completed his flag and put it on his teacher’s desk for grading. The teacher gave him a B minus for his project because he thought that it looked pretty similar to the normal flag except for the abundance of stars that were not in the correct order. Bob was disappointed, as he had put the stars in that order and on the flag for a reason.

Instead of putting the stars in the same order as the original stars, Bob made an array of odd and even rows of stars because he felt that it would be more efficient. His teacher told him that if he could take it to Washington, then he would change his grade. So that is exactly what Bob did. He wrote letters, called public officials, and much more to get his idea into the hands of other adults.

A lot of people liked his flag design while some others didn’t. Through any negativity, Bob stayed strong and continued to believe in his idea. After a while, he got a call from the President of the United States, who told him that his flag was going nationwide. After final adjustments, his flag was published, and his teacher changed his grade to an A.

Bob inspires us as kids to always have hope and faith in ourselves and our ideas. If we ever lose the belief in ourselves, it makes it very difficult to think up new ideas to try. Bob succeeded because he worked very hard and never gave up, and we should do the same.

Bob shows us to pursue our ideas even if other people don’t support them as much because they always have special meaning and potential. He encourages us to stay true to ourselves and stand up for what we believe in. In this way, Bob Heft truly is an amazing kid from history.