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Cyrus Hall McCormick: An Amazing Kid from History

By Jordan Brunk, Amazing Kid from History Editor and Contributing Writer


Cyrus Hall McCormick is an amazing kid from history. He inspires us to test out every idea we have even if we are unsure about it because there is always room for improvement and to make our ideas better. Cyrus was born in Rockbridge County, Virginia, on February 15, 1809. During his time, it was still pretty uncommon for young boys to attend and learn a lot at school, so he spent most of his time at home, building with his hands and making inventions and other forms of material to entertain himself and to grow his smartness.

Cyrus’s father was a builder and inventor. He also blacksmithed items and looked over animals on a field. He had several fields and farms where the animals and crops were kept, and during crop seasons, there were acres of crops to be picked. Cyrus and his father wanted to be able to build an invention that would allow them to collect the crops together instead of individually going hand in hand and picking them.

As a young teenager who liked to invent and set his mind to anything he decided to make, Cyrus worked very diligently for quite some time, eventually producing a machine that let him collect crops faster. He hit some road bumps along his path in creating his machine; however, he used his brain and resources to sort through those problems and continue on.

In addition, he also created a cradle used for moving grain from one place to another. He was only 15 years old when he created this cradle! Cyrus’s invention was very important when he was living because no one had seen such an invention like it. His cradle proved to be very efficient in grain collection and movement, and several people decided to use his invention. Later on, it helped him create more farming techniques and to also start a business.

Cyrus shows us to complete our ideas even if we hit problems on the way. He also shows us to work through these problems using whatever we have around us, whether those resources be a parent, teacher, friend, book, or Internet search. Cyrus tells us to pursue our dreams even if they seem impossible because they could end up being something that could change the world.

Cyrus shows us that as a kid, we can still do awesome things and that being young shouldn’t keep us from creating unique and efficient inventions. We can learn from him to always follow our hearts and dreams because he shows us that we can do anything we set our minds to. In this way, Cyrus Hall McCormick truly is an amazing kid from history.