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Evariste Galois: An Amazing Kid from History

By Jordan Brunk, Amazing Kid from History Editor and Contributing Writer


Evariste Galois is an amazing kid from history. He explains to us that even young children and teenagers are able to come up with many extraordinary ideas and show them to people around us. All ideas are worth being shared and given special consideration. He was born on October 25, 1811 in Bourg-la-Reine, France. Both his father and his mother were very smart. His mother was Galois’ teacher until he was twelve years old. Surprisingly, Evariste did not perform well in school and failed two entrance exams at his school. However, during his free time, Evariste studied and read the works of Legendre and Lagrange, 18th century mathematicians. He studied and studied, and read and read, and finally he made significant, distinguishing factors about their studies.

When Evariste was just seventeen years old, he saw patterns and discoveries in polynomial equations, which are equations with four, five, or more variables and constants. By using his own method based on his findings, Evariste looked at permutation groups. Permutations of numbers are all possible combinations of numbers including the order of them. Permutation groups have some numbers from a set, and their positions can be exchanged. His results showed that there is not a special pattern to solve polynomials that have a greater factor than four.

After Evariste, many other mathematicians read his research and made more discoveries based off of it. From this came real proofs that proved impossible items in algebra. Evariste published three papers explaining his ideas about the Galois theory, finding roots of equations, and number theory (a branch of mathematics devoted primarily to the study of the integers). Therefore, Evariste made humongous contributions to the world of algebra and helped set the foundation for what it is today.

Evariste shows us that even though life becomes tough and busy sometimes, we still have the time to be kids and teenagers and come up with significant ideas that can change the world. He also shows us to accept out positive, unique ideas because someday they might just change the world. He teaches us about algebra and to encourage each other about our experiences and ideas. His will to perform so well at such a young age reveals that no matter what our age, we can always be thinking, learning, creating, and exchanging ideas.

Galois tells us to be kids and always learn in order to gain knowledge and come up with awesome ideas. He also plays a significant role in the world of algebra as it is today because he never gave up when he first failed his exams. In this way, Evariste Galois truly is an amazing kid from history.