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Horatio Adams: An Amazing Kid from History

By Jordan Brunk, Amazing Kid from History Editor and Contributing Writer


Horatio Adams is an amazing kid from history. He shows us that we can use small ideas and make them grand with his realization of the start of the bubble gum industry. Born in the 1960s to his father, Thomas Adams, and his mother, he was an average child. He ran along and played and put his creative mind and ideas to use, making unique inventions and just being a kid.

In the late 1960s, his father, Thomas Adams, took a risk on buying Mexican chicle as a way to try and make more money for their family. Chicle is a type of waxy tree sap that is typically very sticky and chewy. Thomas Adams tried to convert this chicle tree sap into rubber, so he could sell it and perhaps strike it rich. However, he struggled very much and simply could not piece it together in order to make it rubber. By this point, his father was becoming worried because he had spent quite a bit of the money on the chicle and thought that he might lose a lot of money on the failed investment.

However, one day around this time, Horatio wandered into where his father was working and played with some of the chicle. He thought that it was fun to play with since it was sappy and stretchy and sticky. He decided to put some of it in his mouth and chew it, as was common in the culture to help pass the time with something to do while working. He discovered that he did not feel a need to swallow and that the flavor wasn’t too bad either.

Horatio then went to his father and told him about the chewy sap. He also told him about his ideas into making it chewing gum and selling it to the people to make some money. By himself, he made about two hundred balls of the gum and sent them to someone in the society willing to sell them. They all sold out within hours, and that is when Horatio and his father saw that they would then be able to make the money that they needed. It was mostly all credited to Horatio.

Horatio and his father perfected the gum recipe using chicle and sold it and sold it and sold some more. Their family became rich from selling a product that almost everyone seemed to want. He and his family passed away knowing they developed a new product for the world that most people enjoyed. They also made enough money to cushion themselves.

Horatio is important to history because he took a small idea he had, asking himself what he could make with the chicle since he could chew it, and it ended up benefiting himself and his family a ton. Even though he was still only about 10 years old give or take a few years, he still had reasons for his invention and decided that it could help people, so he wanted to make it.

Even though he was a kid, he still told his father his ideas, so he could help him make a product. He inspires us to put our thinking caps on and to create and create and create because what we make could possibly change the world, just like he did. He shows us to be brave and to embrace our ideas because each one is important. In this way, Horatio Adams truly is an amazing kid from history.

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  1. The article was interesting an cool to read about. The next time I eat gum, I will remember Horatio’s story!