Amazing Kids! Magazine

Maura Lane: An Amazing Kid from History

By Jordan Brunk, Amazing Kid from History Editor and Contributing Writer


Maura Lane is an amazing kid from history. She shows us that we can come up with unique ideas and make a difference in the world no matter how old we are. When Maura was in kindergarten, she decided that she wanted write a book to help raise money for a local animal shelter called PAWS. Maura enjoyed going to PAWS and seeing the dogs and cats there. She figured that raising money for them would be a great cause.

Even though she was young and it would take lots of time, Maura didn’t give up on her idea because she really wanted to raise money for the cats and dogs at PAWS. She decided to write the story about her and Sabu, her dog, and what they did together when she was younger. She also wanted to show people how friendships affect lives and how pets are loving creatures.

Maura spent many, many afternoons writing her book and illustrating it. She wanted the pictures to match her words exactly and show what they meant to her. After spending a lot of time working on her book, it was finally completed. With the help of her family, her book titled Sabu & Me was published before she even turned seven years old.

Once her book was published, Maura began raising money for the dogs and cats at PAWS. She held book signings where people could come and purchase her book and get it signed, helping her to raise money. In total, all of her hard work and well spent time contributed over five hundred dollars for the PAWS animal shelter! Also, Sabu & Me was considered Book of the Year by the Creative Child Magazine.

Maura shows us that we can accomplish anything we put our minds to, no matter how old we are. She also shows us to not give up and follow through with our plans because they can really make a difference in the world. She inspires us to make differences of our own and help make the world a better place. Maura shows us to keep pushing and not think that our ideas or too hard or too big or too small because all of them can help in some way. We learn from Maura to think and dream of awesome ideas and put them to work. In this way, Maura truly is an amazing kid from history.