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Philo Farnsworth: An Amazing Kid from History

By Jordan Brunk, Amazing Kid from History Editor and Contributing Writer


Philo Farnsworth was born on August 19, 1906, in Beaver, Utah, to his parents, Lewis and Sabrina Farnsworth. Even at a very young age, Philo was already an inventor and scientist. He bustled about performing many scientific experiments and creating new things. Philo shows us that whatever we dream of doing at a young age can come true while we are still young if we just put our minds to it.

While he was just in high school, Philo had a fascinating idea. He thought that he would be able to modify kitchen and house tools in his home so that they could be electric. Philo took this idea and put it to work, and within a couple of years, the tools were able to be used with electricity. This helped to promote technology in the 1900s, and it showed that Philo was very intelligent.

Also while he was in high school, Philo decided that he wanted to enter a nationwide science contest. He had an idea of making a certain type of lock that could not easily be picked. For a while he worked and eventually called his lock after the tamper proof lock. His product won the entire contest because of his own ideas, hard work, and inspiring motivation.

Philo was taking a chemistry course when he had another idea, perhaps his best one of all. He was very interested in television and ways to make it better. When he just 14 years of age, he elaborated on his idea. Sometimes he failed, and sometimes what he did managed to work out. His final product was a type of vacuum tube which helped make television images clearer and easier to see for a long time.

Philo shows us that we can have as many ideas as we want to try. He had several when he was young and many more as he grew into an adult. They all shaped his life, and some of them positively impacted the lives of other people. He also shows us to never give up on our ideas if we believe in them. His chemistry classmates mostly had trouble understanding his television vacuum, yet he still modified it and continued with his idea, making it even more successful.

Philo also shows us to never give up when things get difficult. Experimenting with science and inventing and anything else in general takes a lot of time and dedication—and sometimes involves failure. That is the time to keep going and to keep pushing to make something even more wonderful.

From his work, we can see that Philo started science and inventing while he was a child and teenager. This is a time to be who you are and to not let people look down on you because you are young; instead, it is a time to do anything positive you can dream of and try out many ideas. In this way, Philo Farnsworth truly is an amazing kid from history.