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Sophie Scholl: An Amazing Kid from History

By Jordan Brunk, Amazing Kid from History Editor and Contributing Writer


Sophie Scholl is an amazing kid from history. As a young political activist, she shows us that we can stand up for what we believe in even if we are young. Sophie was born on May 9, 1921, in Forchtenberg, Germany. During the early years of her life before World War II, she lived as a normal child did by playing games, watching movies, and spending time with her friends. However, all of this changed when the Nazi ruler Hitler came into power.

Sophie’s brother and father found many faults with this political group, and they believed that it should not control Germany. Later on, Sophie began to accept her family’s point of view because it made sense to her in what was right. She became extremely interested and engrossed with the subject of politics and philosophy and more, and she also joined The League of German Girls.

She noticed while being a part of this league that its views were different from her own, especially because they wouldn’t let her Jewish friends have anything to do with the group. Around this time, Sophie also accepted a firm Christian faith in that Jesus is the savior of the entire world. She dropped out of the league and joined the White Rose Movement, a faction who disagreed with Nazi laws and actions.

Along with some of her friends, Sophie made different flyers against the political group and helped give them out all over Munich, Germany. This caused widespread conflict in a politically based country. Eventually, enforcers of the law found that Sophie and others had created and spread the flyers and arrested them for opposing the law. They were sentenced at a trial to be executed the next day on February 22, 1943.

Even during the tough conversations and physically straining interviews with members of the court, Sophie held true to her faith of Christianity and a need to make a political movement that embraced everyone, not only those of a specific look or certain descent. She spoke her mind at these times and during the trial, a firm believer that things needed to change.

Sophie shows us that we always have the right of free speech to stand up and take action for what we believe in. Her unwillingness to back down even when she faced injuries and death encourages us to do what we think and believe is right. She tells us to create a world and a society where everything is equal and where everyone is loved. We learn from Sophie to find peace in the actions and choices we make, endlessly backing them up. In this way, Sophie Scholl truly is an amazing kid from history.