Amazing Kids! Magazine

The American Revolutionary War

By Veronica Sturman, Contributing Writer


In the Revolutionary war everyone had to do their part. That means there were many amazing kids. Andrew Jackson and Sybil Ludington played important roles as children of the American Revolution. They demonstrated that children can be as brave and as skilled as adults.

Andrew Jackson signed up for the Continental Army when he was only thirteen years old. During the Battle of Hanging Rock he was captured by the British and held as a prisoner. After nearly starving to death in captivity, he refused to clean the boots of a British officer. The officer cut his hand to the bone with his sword. Andrew Jackson showed bravery and patriotic pride by standing up to his enemy.

Sybil Ludington accomplished a feat at the age of sixteen that would be difficult for a professional rider with modern equipment to do today. She rode twice as far as Paul Revere did to warn the communities around her that the British were coming. She rode from nine in the evening until dawn the next morning and got 400 minutemen ready to fight the British. She showed both bravery and tremendous skill.

There were many men, women and children who united to fight the British during the American Revolution. Everyday heroes were fairly common at that time, because there was such a need for bravery and courage. Andrew Jackson and Sybil Ludington are two historical examples of amazing kids!


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