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Walt Disney: An Amazing Kid from History

By Jordan Brunk, Amazing Kid from History Editor and Contributing Writer


Walt Disney is an amazing kid from history. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, on December 5, 1901. He was born as one of the five children his parents had. For a long time when he was young, Walt Disney lived in Marceline, Missouri. Already such a creative boy, he made pictures and paintings and drawings as a hobby and even sold some of them to make a little bit of money. Walt Disney shows us to always be creative and never give up on our dreams because they truly are important.

Moving to Chicago for high school, Walt Disney was actively involved in art classes, including drawing and photography classes. He even drew some cartoons for his high school newspaper. For his career after serving as an ambulance driver, Disney got a job as a newspaper artist, where he expressed his excellent drawing and art skills. Alongside his job, Walt Disney was interested in different forms of art, including animation, photography, and making drawings move. Confident in his abilities, Disney began his own job of animation and opened a building where he worked. He even ran a theater for his animation.

Later in his life, Walt Disney and his brother, Roy, decided to live in Hollywood. He played with a couple of his ideas and eventually came up with Mickey Mouse, one of his many animated figures. As soon as the world saw Mickey Mouse, people fell in love with him. He continued with Mickey Mouse, eventually creating a Minnie Mouse and many other animations.

Walt Disney’s success continued to rise as he aired his commercials and animations on the television and as he created more characters. Before long, he made motion pictures as well as Disneyland, a theme park based off his creativity and characters. Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966. His brother then continued with their shared idea of Disney World in Florida.

Walt Disney shows us to follow our dreams. If he had given up on his art, then many people would not have been impacted by his wonderful story lines and characters. He also tells us to believe in ourselves because when we feel down, that is the most important time to stand strong and never give up. He shows us that fame and fortune are not everything and that our ideas are important for success. Disney reminds us to keep fighting for our dreams and to believe in ourselves and others.

Walt Disney has affected our world in several ways, and it would not be the same without him. Because of his never-ending creativity, Walt Disney truly is an amazing kid from history.

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  1. I would have not had such an amazing childhood if it weren’t for Walt Disney! I love all his amazing cartoons!