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Amazing Kids! Spotlight Interview with Dougie Christie Jr

Amazing Kids! Spotlight Interview with Dougie Christie Jr., Best-selling Author and Actor.

By Isabella Taylor, Nonfiction Editor

At only 9 years old, Dougie Christie Jr. is a best-selling author, actor and aspiring NBA player like his father, NBA star Doug Christie. He has written two best selling children’s books titled Dougie Goes to School and Dougie Learns to Ride and will be publishing his third book Dougie Goes to the Dentist next year. He plans to complete five books in this inspirational series.

In addition to his highly successful books, Dougie has had starring roles in Stanley 2009 where he played the character of Hunter and Stanley 2010 as the character Hassan. He has also co- starred in three music videos including his pop star sister Chani’s “Don’t Be Shy” video.

For Amazing Kid, Dougie Christie Jr., he is continuing to shoot for the stars.

AK: When and why did you get interested in writing children’s books?

Dougie: Well I began writing books when I was seven years old. I’ve always loved to read and wanted to share with other kids things that would help them and I wanted to tell them stories. I’m a big movie fan; I really enjoy watching movies and the stories that are told through them. I feel it’s the same thing when I write my books; I get to share something great with the world!

AK: What will Dougie’s next adventure be?
Dougie: My next adventure will be going to the dentist! I want to help kids feel better about their trip to the dentist. It is a scary experience for most kids so I will share my first time in my new book and show them it’s not so scary visiting the dentist.

AK: What is your favorite subject in school? Why?
Dougie: My favorite subject in school is history because I really like to learn about the world and the past. I love to read and learn about all the great places in the world too.

AK: What advice could you give to other kids interested in writing books? Do you have a mentor to help you?
Dougie: Yes, my mentor is my mom, she is a writer too and she gives me great advice! Also, I would tell kids who want to write books to write about things that they feel can help others. They can begin doing this by just sitting down and writing a book about their favorite activity to do on the weekend for example, or their favorite food. Kids should just put it down on paper and begin to tell their story. I would suggest that they also ask their parents to help them in writing their books. Books are really fun and they help others, so I encourage kids to become writers and share their books with the world.

AK: Do you have a favorite author that has inspired you to write? What is your favorite genre?
Dougie: My list of favorite authors is very long because there are so many great writers. My favorite genre is self-help books that teach me new things and I enjoy scary stories. I really love the Goosebumps series they are very interesting books and I have all of them!

AK: When you are not writing books do you enjoy playing basketball like your dad? Singing with your sister? What other activities do you enjoy?
Dougie: Yes, basketball is my favorite sport and outdoor activity. I really have a lot of fun playing with my dad, he is a great teacher and I get lots of cool tips from him. I also enjoy playing with my sis when she is singing or performing. She is an actress too and she is doing more things in TV, so I am learning a lot more about that too!

AK: How long does it take you to write your books? What is your biggest challenge in writing them?
Dougie: Writing my books takes about three months and my biggest challenge, I would say, is not making them too long. My books are usually long enough for the kids to be able to read them all the way through, but sometimes I have so much to say about a subject that I just keep writing. I have to not do that and it’s hard sometimes.

AK: Do you find inspiration in your daily life to write your books?
Dougie: Yes I do. When I’m doing my schoolwork I find inspiration because sometimes the answers are not always easy to understand. So I think to myself, how I can write a book on the topic to help other kids understand it better? I also find inspiration to write my books whenever I think about my life experiences and how they can teach and inspire others.

AK: You have accomplished so much at such a young age, what is your next goal or ambition?
Dougie: My next goal is to be an actor in a movie that kids love around the world. I want to inspire them to follow their dreams and believe in themselves because they can accomplish whatever they want if they work hard, study hard and read lots of books.

AK: Who do you look up to? Who is your hero?
Dougie: My heroes are God, my father, Doug, and my mother, Jackie, also my grandmothers, Cora and Norma, my grandpa, John, of course my two sisters, Chani and Kari, and lastly, all the kids in the world.