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Amazing Kids! Spotlight Interview with Josh Flitter, Teen Actor

By Sean Traynor, Editorial Advisor and Contributing Writer


Josh Flitter is a 17-year old actor most known for playing Corky in Nancy Drew, Eddie in The Greatest Game Ever Played and the voice of Rudy in the animated film Horton Hears a Who!  He has also been in License to Wed, Ace Ventura Jr.: Pet Detective (as Ace Ventura’s son), Big Momma’s House 2 and many moreHis newest film, released October 21st,  is called Snowmen. Snowmen is about three unlikely heroes and the winter that changed their lives forever. To be remembered forever, three best friends hatch a plan to set a Guinness World Records title.  The trio battles schoolyard bullies and unites their community while relaying the message that true friendship lasts forever.

Let’s talk to Josh more about his career, his interests and his new movie.

AK:  Your new film Snowmen goes into bullying.  Have you ever been bullied or seen bullying?  What advice would you give to kids that are experiencing this in their lives?

JF:  Well I haven’t really been bullied as much as teased for being short or chubby or for being ACE VENTURA Jr.  My friends liked to tease me a lot but not in a really mean way. I sometimes did feel hurt but I just laughed with them and didn’t take it seriously and they stopped. I would try to let kids know that it is okay to be yourself and the bully has much deeper problems than you do. The bully probably has a sad family life so they need to feel good about themselves by bullying others. Also go to an adult as soon as you can to make it known that you are being bullied.

AK:  You started acting at the age of 4.  How have you managed to balance your schoolwork, acting and your outside activities over all these years?

JF:  My parents are really great and they always made sure that I was on track with my schoolwork when I was working on a movie. I never moved to LA. It was important to stay at home and go to my regular school when I wasn’t working on a movie. It was important to do this so I stayed grounded. My friends are really great and they treat me like they always do; they never felt like I was a star, just Josh.

AK:  How do you prepare in advance for a role in a movie?

JF:  I prepare for a part by reading the script and I see where my character is coming from – his home life and his friends and school etc. I try to make some history to the character to make him real in my mind. If the part is based on a real person then I would Google them and try to learn as much as I can about them, like Eddie Lowery in The Greatest Game Ever Played.

AK:  You’ve had many auditions that have landed major roles.  What are some secrets to a good audition?

JF:  The secret to a good audition is to be as real as possible and to just be yourself. Don’t over act it or try to be too over the top. Just be real.

AK:  How does the movie studio handle you being away from your family shooting on location for extended periods of time?  How do you keep in touch and keep up with your homework?

JF:  The studio always hired a studio teacher for me when I was working on a movie and my school system was fantastic. They would email or fax my tutor all of my work for the weeks I was away and we would send it back when I was finished doing it. It was a great system and I was always right where the class was when I returned, sometimes even ahead!

AK:  How is doing voiceover work different than acting in a film?

JF:  Voiceover work is the best. It doesn’t matter how you look or what you are wearing and you don’t have to memorize lines. It’s all done in the studio and sometimes in 1 or 2 days…really fast. I love doing voiceovers.

AK:  What type of role do you see yourself playing in the future that will earn you the Oscar?

JF:  I hope to be able to stretch as an actor and do some real serious roles. I am really funny and great at comedy but a lot of people don’t know that I can also be very serious too. In Snowmen I get to be very serious and people will see that side of me.

AK:  Outside acting, what other activities do you enjoy?

JF:  I enjoy hockey and music and of course video games!

AK:  You are an animal lover.  Can you describe the work you’ve done with the North Shore Animal League?

JF:  I am a HUGE animal lover. I have worked as a teen celebrity spokesperson for the North Shore Animal League and their MUTTIGREES program. I attend adoptions and help get the word out to adopt loveable dogs and cats who need good homes.

AK:  Who has been a mentor to you in your acting career?

JF:  Actually my mom has been a great mentor to me. She is a professionally trained actor who studied the Meisner Method and she has taught me so much about acting and how to be honest in my approach to roles.

AK:  What advice would you give other kids that would like to go into acting?

JF:  My advice to others who want to be an actor is to only do it if YOU want it and not someone else wanting it for you. Also you must be able to take rejection because this business is more about not getting parts than getting them. You have to believe in yourself and have the drive and ambition to not let anyone or anything get you down.