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Jackie Evancho, Young Award-winning Singer

By Olivia Pineda, Assistant Editor

Jackie Evancho

Although she’s only 10 years old and loves to sing, Jackie Evancho is no ordinary singer. Jackie has a beautiful voice and an extraordinary talent: the ability to sing like a seasoned opera singer. She showed her aptitude for the art very literally in front of America, on the national TV show “America’s Got Talent.” While it may sound like she’s been refining her voice for the majority of her lifetime, she only got started singing “two years ago when I just turned eight”. In this Amazing Kids! Spotlight Interview, Amazing Kids! has  the wonderful opportunity of being able to ask a young girl with an amazing voice about her past, what she’s doing now, and what she hopes to accomplish in the future.

Jackie Evancho was born on April 9th, 2000. After watching the movie The Phantom of the Opera, she began to sing constantly. Jackie’s singing talent soon became evident and her mother allowed her to participate in a talent competition. She became runner-up in the contest, beaten only by a 20-year-old opera singer, and finished as the audience favorite of the competition. Since then, her transformation from local talent contest runner-up to an American singing sensation is history. Jackie started a YouTube channel, and was voted onto America’s Got Talent by her huge popularity on YouTube. Jackie was runner-up on the show, beating out many other adults.

When asked why she enjoys singing and why she’s so committed to the art, Jackie answers, “I just love to hear the crowd and singing just makes me happy.” Jackie sings “classical crossover because it’s what I do best – I have a classical voice, not a pop voice,” she explains. “It’s also easier for me to express my emotions,” she continues. She views singing as important because “it frees your mind, body and soul and expresses love and all the beauty in the world and for me proves that God is real.”

Jackie Evancho singing on "America's Got Talent" Stage

Jackie is far from a one-act show; she enjoys many other activities besides singing, too! “I love to swim, dance, play with my friends, play tennis, write stories, poems, lyrics and plays, play my violin and the piano, sew my own designs, hang out with my friends and play with my pet duck ‘mo-mo.’”

Given her success on the show America’s Got Talent, she has received many opportunities to showcase her talent and Jackie has been able to focus on issues within our world that she cares about. “[I’ve been given] [many] more chances to sing in front of people like on talk shows, charity and private events, tours and a recording contract with Sony/Columbia records. It also helps me to be able to help things I care about like the animals, saving baby seals, abused children and making people see the need for more and better music programs in schools,” she explains.

In the future, Jackie “hope[s] to be a writer,” and when asked what gift she would give to the world’s children, she answered, “Safety from harm so that they never have to be scared again.”

Most recently, Jackie performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and sang the national anthem at the 2010 home opener for the Major League Baseball’s Pittsburg Pirates. Jackie will be performing at Carnegie Hall in December 2010 as part of Tim Janis’s Christmas Concert.

Lastly, what advice would she give to any kid? “Always follow your dreams, no matter what gets in your way.”

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