Amazing Kids! Magazine

Mystery Interview with MR

By Veronica Sturman, age 8, Louisiana


What if walls could talk?

Better yet: What if you could hear them, and look into the past, present, and future like never before?

The Amazing Kids! Mystery Interviews, is a series that takes you on a journey with things that usually don’t talk.

But now, they do!

Read our interview for this issue and keep your eyes peeled for clues. Go to the bottom and check out the “Who Am I” section for the final dish on our inanimate interviewee!

AK: I hear Susan has you wrapped around her little finger.

MR: Yes. I’m very sensitive to Susan’s moods, and I like to please her.

AK: Where were you born?

MR: I was born in New York by my parents Joshua Reynolds and Marvin Wernick and introduced to new people by Bonwit Teller Department Store at the corner of Sixth Avenue and 18th Street.

AK: Is it true that you always carry around a thermometer?

MR: Oh yes, I’m very interested in knowing if the temperature is rising or falling.

AK: What is your favorite color, MR?

MR: I really like purple and blue, because they make me happy when I wear them.  If I’m having an average day then I like the color green.

AK: How old are you?

MR: I really don’t like to talk about my age, but I am willing to say I hit my prime in the 1970s.

AK: Oh, you don’t look over thirty! You have a great shine.

AK: What’s your favorite quote, MR?

MR: “Hmm… Oh! I’ve got one.” “When I wake up in a bad mood, I try not to stay in one. Learn to make the best of what you have.

AK: I like that quote. Who wrote it?

MR: Oh. It’s by…Let me think. Got it! It’s by Faith Hill.

AK: I heard you inspired a song. Is that right?

MR: Yes! Most definitely! It’s by Relient K. You can find it, if you look up Relient K songs on the internet.

AK: Everyone says you have psychic abilities. Can you tell me how I’m feeling right now?

MR: Oh, yes. Let me just touch you. –touch- You are feeling tense. I can tell by seeing black.


Who am I?

Mood Ring

A mood ring is a ring which contains a thermo chromic element, such as liquid crystal. The stone of the ring changes color in response to the body temperature of its wearer, supposedly according to the mood or emotional state of the wearer. In reality, the changes in temperature from the wearer’s finger cause the crystal to reflect different wavelengths of light which changes the color of the stone.

The mood ring was invented by Joshua Reynolds and Marvin Wernick and was initially sold in department stores in New York including the Bonwit Teller Department Store at the corner of Sixth Avenue and 18th Street.

The liquid crystal used in mood rings is usually set up to display a “neutral” green color at the average human skin temperature, which is approximately 98.6 °F (37.0 °C).  As peripheral body temperature increases, which it does in response to passion and happiness, the crystals twist to reflect blue or violet blue. When you are excited or stressed, blood flow is directed away from the skin and more toward the internal organs, cooling the fingers, causing the crystals to twist the other direction, to reflect more yellow. In cold weather, when you’re very stressed, or if the ring was damaged, the stone would be dark gray or black and unresponsive.

Mood rings enjoyed fad popularity in the 1970s and are still around today.

Reliant K is a band with a song called Mood Ring which talks about what the different colors mean and how that can warn someone of how their friend is feeling.

The main colors of the mood ring and their assigned meanings are:

Violet: very happy, love, passion, romance

Blue: relaxed, at-ease, calm, lovable

Blue/Green: inner emotions charge, somewhat relaxed

Green: average, not under stress

Amber (Yellow): nervous, mixed emotions, unsettled, cool

Gray: anxious, nervous, strained

Black: tense, nervous, harassed, over-worked