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Mystery Interview with RS

By Natalie Brady, Jr. Assistant Editor

AK: Are there many types of your kind?

RS: As a matter of fact, there are sixteen different kinds of us, and there are numerous subspecies and variations, but we’re all identified mainly by one of our features.

AK: What does this feature do?

RS: Basically, it tells our prey we’re coming. In fact, my cousin was killed the other day by a human. The rattle of his tail gave him away when he found a nice, warm place in a garage. A human came out to throw away some trash and he started to slither away, but the human saw him and… well, I can’t say it.

AK: Why did the human kill your cousin? Are you a predator?

RS: I am a predator, and I’m extremely venomous. When our fangs enter into our prey, the venom is entered and immobilizes it, letting us swallow our prey whole. We are carnivorous.


What is RS?

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A rattlesnake has a rattle on its tail, rattling when it moves. This rattle tells their prey it’s coming. Rattlesnakes are predators, and are extremely venomous. When their fangs enter their prey, the venom is entered and immobilizes it, letting them swallow their prey whole. They are carnivorous.

Can you imagine being a rattlesnake milker? This means that you take the venom out of the fangs of the rattlesnake – milking it. There are actually some people out there who have this crazy and wacky job. You can read our Wild and Wacky Jobs story with more information or there are videos on the internet if you’re interested in seeing how it’s done.