Amazing Kids! Magazine

Mystery Interview with TC

By: Natalie Brady, Jr. Assistant Editor

What if walls could talk? Better yet: What if you could hear them, and look into the past, present, and future like never before? The Amazing Kids! Mystery Interviews, is a series that takes you on a journey with things that usually don’t talk.

But now, they do! Read our interview for this issue and keep your eyes peeled for clues. Go to the bottom and check out the “Who Am I” section for the final dish on our inanimate interviewee!

AK: What do you do for a living?

TC: I work with the higher pitched instruments and the higher pitched voices.

AK: Do you enjoy your job?

TC: I do, indeed! It’s the most fun thing anyone could do.

AK: Are you a leader or a follower?

TC: Most definitely a leader. I couldn’t be a follower; I like being in the spotlight too much.

AK: Are you usually a leader?

TC: Most of the time, unless something’s incredibly wrong… no offense to my partner. My partner’s really good at what he does… but, you know, I’m just a natural leader.

Who is TC?

The Treble Clef! The Treble Clef is the symbol of the upper staff notes, and gives notes to the higher pitched instruments and the sopranos, or the higher pitched voices. The treble clef usually has the melody and the bass clef usually has the harmony. The treble clef is a leader which usually has the spotlight on it.