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Amazing Kids! Spotlight with Mariam El Hasan, Scholastic Kid Reporter

Mariam El Hasan is a member of the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps. She has covered the 2008 Presidential Election and has interviewed numerous politicians, entertainers, authors, and others. She is enjoys reading, writing, playing the piano, fencing and swimming. Mariam lives in Laguna Niguel with her parents, her two sisters and her pet cat.

Mariam El Hasan, Scholastic Kid Reporter

AK:  When and why did you become interested in journalism? Did you have a mentor who helped or inspired you?

MEH:  I became interested in journalism since I was five years old.  I had a book about a day in the life of a reporter and I would read and re-read it over and over again.

AK:  How did you become a Scholastic Kid Reporter?

MEH:  When I found out that Scholastic was asking kids to apply to become kid reporters, I took the opportunity.  When I found out that I made it onto the Kids Press Corps, I was ecstatic! It was one of the happiest moments of my life!

AK:  How old were you when you started working for Scholastic?

MEH:  I was ten years old.

AK:  Describe your job as a Scholastic Kid Reporter.

MEH:  I interview different people who are authors, actors, politicians, artists and other important people. Then, I take the information that I gathered and I write articles, blogs, movie reviews and book reviews for other kids to read. Sometimes I report in front of a video camera, too.

AK:  How do you get your stories?  Does Scholastic give them to you to cover or do you pick your own?

MEH:  It’s a little of both.  Scholastic asks if I would like to take assignments, but some of the blogs, book reviews, etc. are topics of my choice.

AK:  What is your favorite part of being a reporter?

MEH:  It’s been such an amazing experience!  I have opportunities to meet new people and get a real taste of what it’s like to be a reporter and some excellent practice as a journalist. The best part is that I get to share these experiences with other kids on the website at

AK:  Do you have any favorite journalists that you follow?  If so, who?  Why are they your favorite?

MEH:  Yes, there are so many reporters that I follow, but I will name only a few. I think Oprah is great because she can get people to say things that they wouldn’t normally admit.  That is definitely the sign of a good journalist. I admire Anne Curry from NBC Today because she is so professional, sweet and has great tact. I think Matt Lauer from NBC Today does a great job at getting the answers from the people who he interviews and has a great sense of humor, too.

AK:  Where is your favorite place to get the news?

MEH:  My favorite place to get the news is the Kids Press web site at: because it is news is designed for kids like me.

AK:  What are your future goals?  Do you want to become a professional journalist someday?

MEH:  I would LOVE to continue reporting, because it is such an awesome job.

AK:  Do you have any advice for kids who are budding reporters?

MEH:  I would suggest to kids who want to become a reporter to follow your dreams and to practice writing as much as possible.

AK:   If could visit any country in the world and report about your experiences, where would you go and why?

MEH:   If I had the opportunity to report about my experiences from another country, I would say Australia.  I would love to swim in the coral reefs and see the beautiful landscape in person. Also, Australia has a democracy and it seems safe for a reporter to visit.  Plus, I would be able to understand the language.

Mariam interviewing Jackie Chan at The Spy Next Door premiere

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