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Amazing Interview with Robert Tonner of the Tonner Doll Company

Interview by Amazing Kids! Reporter Alexandra

Alexandra and Robert Tonner at the Headquarters in NYC

Robert Tonner, the internationally acclaimed doll designer, may be best known for his licensed line of artistic, collectible action figures for movies such as Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, and other big hits. But what Mr. Tonner may be long remembered for is his encouragement to kids to ‘break out of the box’ and follow their true ambitions.

Reporting for Amazing Kids!, Alexandra Paulk, age 13, traveled to Mr. Tonner’s corporate headquarters in Kingston, NY, to meet the toy executive and explore the  process of doll making. Enjoy learning about the design background of the dolls, but most importantly, listen to the life advice this award-winning artist shares with amazing kids around the world.

We invite you to enjoy the video interview below: