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Amazing Mentor! Spotlight Interview with Macklemore

By Jack Rome


Ben Haggerty, known by his stage name Macklemore, is a hip hop artist based in Seattle, Washington. Macklemore has been popular in his hometown of Seattle since the beginning of his musical career at Garfield High School, often performing at the famous Capitol Hill Block Party.

Macklemore continued making music through college, and earned a Bachelor’s degree from Evergreen State College. Following college, he worked as a security guard and mentor at a juvenile detention facility in Seattle where he participated in a program called Gateways. The program helped kids discover their creativity through music and writing. In 2008, Macklemore performed at Bumbershoot, a major arts and music festival in Seattle. He is of Irish descent.

Macklemore has released one full length album entitled The Language of My World, as well as mix tapes and EPs. He anticipates to release a new full length album sometime this year with friend and producer, Ryan Lewis. Come listen in on his wonderful interview.

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