Amazing Kids! Magazine

Issue #29 – Amazing Kids! eZine Junior Assistant Editor, Natalie B.

Interview by Amazing Kids! eZine

AK: What is your favorite book?

NB: I wouldn’t say that I have one favorite book. I LOVE all of the Twilight books and Inkheart books, plus all types of other books.

AK: What are you passionate about?

NB: I am passionate about family, pandas, sushi, friends, and nature…that type of stuff.

AK: Do you have any pets?

NB: I have two guinea pigs: Saraphina and Sadie, and two cats: Hana and Amorette (Amie for short). Saraphina, Sadie, and Hana are always calm and normal. Amie is quite different. She will come when you call-it’s so funny! We think she may be part dog.

AK: What are your favorite hobbies?

NB: My favorite hobbies are playing the trumpet and piano (and trying to learn my mom’s flute). I love to read, do gymnastics and cheerleading, [editing my school] newspaper. I love to write, play with my friends, and swim. Sometimes, I like to play tennis and soccer in the summer with my friends, and I also like to shop. I like playing in the snow in the winter, and doing crafts. My friends say that I’m busy all the time!

AK: Which is your favorite: Poetry, Non-fiction, or Fiction, and why?

NB: Fiction, because I like to think about things in a different way-that’s how I put it, at least. For instance, you can have a fairy friend. People say that your ‘fairy’ is fake, although I have found that my fairy, Meigs (pronounced Mays), speaks to me in dreams.

AK: What do you want to be when you grow up?

NB: When I grow up, I want to be a panda scientist. I want to work in a zoo, study pandas, learn about them, help them, and stuff like that. Sure, I might have thought of other choices, but when it comes to working with pandas, it tops it all. I’ve loved pandas ever since I was a baby! And I’m not exaggerating. My parents say that when I was little,

they would put this panda rattle in my crib, and I’d laugh instead of cry!

AK: Who is your greatest inspiration in writing?

NB: I don’t think I have someone who inspired me to write. It’s just who I am.

AK: What is your favorite piece that you’ve written and why?

NB: My favorite piece I’ve ever written is probably my Greek myth, “The Panda’s Colorings”, which is about how the panda supposedly got its colorings. Why? Well, that’s a tough question. I’ve written so many stories it’s hard to decide. All I can think of is that, when I look over my story, I feel a sense of pride. I think I did really well. I think my other stories are good, too, but this one seems a little bit more special to me.