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Amazing Book Review: Cécile and Marie-Grace

Reviewed by Anni Racibarskas, age 9


For the first time ever, American Girl has created two new historical figures at the same time. This new six book series features Cécile and Marie-Grace, two 9 year old girls who are both living in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1853.  Even though the girls are from different backgrounds, both racial and economic, from the first moment they meet they get along just fine, and become great friends.

There are six books in the series, three books for each new character.  The stories they tell are similar, but are told from each girl’s point of view.  The stories tell about the various adventures of both girls, from going to each other’s Mardi Gras Ball, to rescuing an orphaned baby. Along the way, they learn many lessons about friendship and the importance of being strong during hard times, like a Yellow Fever epidemic.

For me, the best part about the series is that each story tells the point of view of each girl, so it helped me understand both girls’ lives better.

You can read more about Cécile and Marie-Grace on the American Girl website: