Amazing Kids! Magazine

Amazing Book Review: Firefighters Fight Fires

By Carol Greene
Reviewed by Claudia Chow, Book Review Editor
Recommended for ages 5 and up, Reading level grades second through fourth grade


 Firefighters Fight Fires is all about what firefighters do every day. They have to work as a team to put out fires, help keep people safe if they were in or near the fire, and always be ready at a moment’s notice if there is a fire. I would highly recommend this book, because it shows how firefighters are our everyday heroes. They help us when we are in trouble on a daily basis, and are always there to protect us from danger. Firefighters are very courageous and heroic by fighting fires every day. This book also shows us the importance of teamwork, which I think is something that all kids should know. When the firefighters were putting out the fire, there was a leader who told everyone what to do, and every member of the team had an important task to accomplish. The firefighters were able to put out the fire because they worked together. Firefighters are really important members of our community and we should all show them the gratitude they deserve.