Amazing Kids! Magazine

Amazing Book Review: Papa’s Pastries

By Charles Toscano
Reviewed by Claudia Chow, Book Review Editor
Recommended for all ages, reading level ages 4-8


Papa’s Pastries is about a boy named Miguel who goes with his father, Papa, to three different towns to sell his father’s pastries. Miguel’s family is very poor and has little money, so Miguel is hopeful that they will sell many pastries. However, as they go to each town, Papa gives all the pastries away for free to other needy families. Miguel is very upset that they didn’t sell any pastries, and his mother is very angry that Papa didn’t return with any money. However, Papa’s kindness soon shows to have its rewards.

I would highly recommend this book, because it shows kids that generosity is more important than money. Although Papa really needed to earn money to support his family, he was kind enough to give pastries away to families that were in the same situation as he. At the end of the day, Papa ended up with nothing but an empty sack; however, he was still happy with what he did. As Papa said, “The more you give away, the more you shall receive.” All children should know the importance of being kind to others, which is why I think everyone should read this book.