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Amazing Book Reviews: Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus

By Tom Angleberger
Reviewed by Tristan K., age 12
Origami Yoda Series
For elementary-age students


Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus is the last of the Origami Yoda series. It is about a group of middle school students who, in this adventure, take a field trip to Washington, D.C. The six-book series is about a boy, Dwight, who folds an Origami Yoda, and then Yoda uses the force to give answers to any questions students ask. While Dwight folds Yoda, another student, Harvey, is folding figures from the dark side, like Darth Paper, creating a tension known only to the students at the school.

In this book, one of the kids ruins the trip by making an Origami figure with a pickle in the middle. Dwight, the main character, uses his Fruitigami Yoda (folded out of fruit roll-ups) to help rid the dark side from the school.

One benefit of this series, besides entertainment, is that the art of Origami, which had not been popular with young people, is making a comeback. The books give instructions about how to fold Origami Star Wars figures. The series also teaches important lessons: You should always be kind, you should believe in what you feel is right to believe in, and you should keep your mind open to new ideas.

I recommend this book to elementary-age students and anyone who wants to learn how to make Origami Star Wars figures.