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Amazing Book Reviews: Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective

By Donald J. Sobol
Reviewed by Emma K., age 18, California
Published by Penguin Young Readers Group
For ages 6-12


Encyclopedia Brown is a classic collection of short stories enveloped into one book. In these stories the main character, Encyclopedia Brown, is the son of the police chief of the town of Idaville. Though young, Encyclopedia has a keen sense of observation, and he helps his dad solve mysteries. He also sets up his own detective agency and solves cases for students at his school. Before Encyclopedia explains how he knew who committed the crime, the author gives the reader the opportunity to try to figure it out first.

In “Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective,” Encyclopedia happens upon many puzzling mysteries. He must figure out if a sword claimed to be from the Civil War was in fact used in the Civil War. He must figure out how somebody cheated in an egg-spinning contest. He even has to find a bank robber and even more.

Although this book was one of a series that was written beginning in the 1960s, its crime-solving techniques have not aged much. I would most definitely suggest people who love solving mysteries to read this book.