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Amazing Book Reviews: Heroes of Olympus and the Percy Jackson and the Gods of Olympus Series

Written by Rick Riordan
Reviewed by Sehen Gamhewa, Co-Editor of the Comic Hub Column
Published by Disney Hyperion
Recommended for Ages 10-Adult


Hello Fellow Prissy-sorry, Percy fans! *bright smile*

Let’s all take a good look at the Heroes of Olympus series and the Percy Jackson and the Gods of Olympus series! Rick Riordan, the genius, is known to write splendid jaw-splitting, teeth-dropping pieces of work, and he doesn’t disappoint once in all these books.

Fangirls, fanboys, whoever’s reading this, get ready for lots of Spoilers!

If you have read at least one book, it would be as Leo Valdez says, “Thank the gods and pass the hot sauce,” because if you haven’t, my fellow brothers and sisters, you are seriously missing out on life.

Percy Jackson is the main hero from the beginning, although, in the Heroes of Olympus series, it switches around a bit. With dashingly good looks, a wonderful sense of timing for bad sarcasm, and an even worse (maybe) sense of humor, Jackson is a wonderful character.

His adventures are each more dangerous than the last, though I personally think that the House of Hades is the most dangerous, and the most well-written adventure of all.

These books go on the idea of real, living Greek Gods. The idea is, Greek Gods still exist – they, and the infinite endless things from the mythyzoologically infinitely endless universe of the Greek men and their ideas all exist in real life. (Yes, I know that’s not a word.) They all are, however, hidden from the mortals by something called the Mist.

Percy plays a very pivotal role in saving the world; in fact, if not for him; you probably wouldn’t be here to read this, with an ice cream in your hand and a chocolate in the other.

I’ll try to explain the series without many spoilers. Anyway, in the first series, what happens is, the totally evil Titan, Kronos, has woken up, and is now manipulating people and gods into letting him rise. Percy and his friends however manage to stop him, albeit with a lot of sacrifices.

The next series starts with Jason, a good-looking kid around 16, who wakes up on a bus, with total amnesia and two friends who he doesn’t even know, but who know him, or think they do. Confused? Welcome to my world! Anyway, when things get a bit straightened out, they are immediately sent off on a wacky quest and voila, your new series.

This time, it’s Mother Earth who’s the evil girl (I couldn’t say evil guy now, could I?), and no, she doesn’t throw flowers or look after small animals. That’s Snow White. And no, she’s not good and all kind-hearted.

How did I just read your mind? I’m just brilliant that way.

So, Queen Dirt-Face, Princess Potty Sludge, whatever you wanna call her, is rising, and so this time, a group of seven is predicted to defeat her. After a long set of insanely dangerous, mind-destroying adventures, they finally defeat her.

Do you think that after all that, their little demigod bubble can have a peaceful little happily-ever-after? I’m not so sure…

P.S. Mr. Riordan has also written a new book, Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer. Get your hands on it as soon as you can! 😉

P.P.S. Did I mention Leo Valdez and Calypso are my favorites?