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Amazing Book Reviews: Journey to the River Sea

By Eva Ibbotson
Publisher by Puffin
Reviewed by Tanmaya Murthy, L.O.L Columnist
Recommended for ages 8 and up

This is one of Eva Ibbotson’s finest works. Journey to the River Sea is a fine blend of adventure, emotion and suspense. A tint of happiness and a glint of optimism is what this award-winning novel is all about. When I first read the review of the book on the back cover, I was very sure this book will have the right essence and amalgamation of all those certain genres which kids and teens enjoy reading! But that simply doesn’t mean that this novel is just bound to young fiction. This is what makes this book one in a million or I should rather say one in a zillion!

Eva Ibbotson has written the novel in such a beautiful manner that one won’t even realize that if he/she is reading a book; the person actually gets drowned into the world of the novel and its characters! Though it is fiction, everything seems so real! Set in the exotic world of the Amazon forest and river, the story revolves around the life of Maia, an orphan who is sent faraway from England to live along with her snooty relatives near Manaus, a city in Brazil. Maia expects an affectionate and caring family with a hope of living a great new life! But to her not- so -good amazement she finds a snobbish uncle and aunt with their fussy twin daughters!

Maia tries to adjust to the new atmosphere but things were hard along with the snooty family, the “Carters.” The only person who understood Maia and her feelings was Miss Minton, her governess. When Maia meets a boy, Finn, who lived alone on the wild river shores, she steps onto the real extraordinary world of Amazon! The beauty and serenity of the river and the emerald greenery of the Amazon rainforest was far more mesmerizing than what Maia had read in the books about Amazon when she visited her school library. She had the encounter with the most exotic and magnificent creatures she had ever seen in her life before! She wondered that why the Carters viewed the jungle as an enemy and never allowed her to go there when such a blissful and captivating world was awaiting for them!

Eva Ibbotson has written each chapter with a unique sense and simplicity that we can create a picture of each chapter in our mind as if we are enjoying the adventures in the Amazon along with the characters! Every reader gets a chance of taking a glimpse into the world of Amazon and getting to know about the traditions and cultures of the natives of this part of the world.

This story also highlights the importance of friendship, love, caring and sharing as well as teaches us certain good virtues of life. The novel indeed leaves an everlasting impression on the reader’s mind. Winner of the Gold Award, Nestle Children’s Book Prize-this book is a great suggestion to you all!

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  1. Venika /

    Great book review! We are reading Journey To The River Sea in English class in school. Eva Ibbotson is a great writer and I throughly agree with you that this book is well-written and imaginative.