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Amazing Book Reviews: National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography

By Nancy Honovich and (National Geographic Photographer) Annie Griffiths
Reviewed by Ryan Traynor, Editor-in-Chief

Published by National Geographic Society, 2015
Recommended for ages 8 and up


I truly enjoy taking photographs. Although I’ve won some competitions in photography, I never wanted to look at the art with a set of rules, thinking that it would take the magic out of my photographs. With curiosity, I decided to read the National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography to see if I could learn some techniques to enhance my ability, as well as to look at the art of photography from a different angle. I had reservations, however, because I did not want my joy of photographing beautiful things to be changed into a calculated procedure. Lucky for me, the National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography not only proved my reservations unfounded, but showed me how I can increase my skills with very little effort.

The book begins with a description of equipment basics. The instructions include descriptions for digital cameras, point-and-shoot cameras, and smartphones. If you are like me, I have recently resorted to using my smartphone for most of my camera shots because it is handy for my everyday candid camera shots. The instructions brought my interest back to my digital camera however, because it reminded me of some of the features available, including the various modes to capture sunsets and tips on resolution to get the best picture without using up all of the computer memory. Even for my smart-phone, I found some useful tips, especially regarding the HDR Imaging and how it works to better my pictures.

There are a couple of features of this book that I found very useful. First of all, there is a feature scattered throughout the book called “Annie’s Assignment” where a professional photographer gives you something to photograph. Annie then gives you the steps to accomplish the best shot. This feature increased my perspective on how to view subjects I would normally shoot, and improved my techniques greatly. I felt like I had an expert whispering in my ear. Fun facts and expert tips are also included.

Another feature that makes me rave about this book is that they not only give you instructions on key elements of successful photography, such as night shots and composition, but they also provide samples of good shots and bad shots so you can see the difference in living color. This helps you realize it is worth the time to perfect the technique. The photography and demonstrations are vivid and clear.

This is a perfect book for kids of all ages because it offers instruction, samples, expert tips, and fun facts – mixing them all up to keep the reader’s attention. Each piece is short and easy to read. Not only this, but occasionally the book offers some fun projects related to the subjects discussed, such as making your own camera strap or making a smartphone projector. There are so many things covered, I kept rereading each page over and over. The book even discusses various careers for camera hounds.

I highly recommend this book for all ages. You’ll learn photography skills that you can use your entire life and be entertained by every page.

About the Authors

Nancy Honovich is the author of many articles, short stories, and books for children, which explore a wide range of subjects from knights and inventors to animals all over the world. Annie Griffiths is one of the first National Geographic women photographers.

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