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Amazing Book Reviews: Push Girl – A Compelling Journey

By Chelsie Hill and Jessica Love
Reviewed by Sibani Ram, age 14, Iowa
Published by St. Martin’s Griffin (2014)
Recommended for grades 8 and up


Imagine your life turned upside down within seconds. Imagine your future goals blown away beyond reach. That’s what happened to Kara Moore in the novel Push Girl by Chelsie Hill and Jessica Love. Based on a firsthand experience by Chelsie Hill herself, Push Girl is a novel that revolves around turning devastation into fortitude.

Kara is a high school senior, has lots of friends, is nominated for homecoming queen, and is a passionate dancer who had dreams of her own. One night, while driving home from a party, Kara’s car is hit by a drunk driver in a terrible accident and wakes up in the hospital. Push Girl details how Kara adjusts to life in wheelchair and slowly begins to appreciate people who truly care for her.

Overall, Push Girl was an extremely rewarding read. I felt a surge of commiseration for Kara, as she handled unfortunate circumstances such as a life-changing injury and her parents’ constant fights. Though the plot itself might be a wee bit cliché, Chelsie Hill’s personal experience as a paraplegic undoubtedly shines through in Kara’s character and journey without being too sad or depressing.

Perhaps the most important lesson I learned from Push Girl was how unpredictable life truly is. One moment might be the essence of joy and the next might be downright disappointment. However, being determined to handle the obstacles life throws at you is one key to success. The second is to show upmost respect to those who truly care for you. Like shown in Push Girls, with these two qualities, one can accomplish the impossible!