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Amazing Book Reviews: Science Fair

By Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson
Reviewed by McKayla R., age 11, Florida
Published by Disney Press
For ages 10 and older


Science Fair is a fictitious novel about a science fair gone wrong. Grankl the Strong is the president of Krpshtskan. Grankl the Strong had two sons, Gmygmy, and Prmkt. Gmygmy is humiliated for his poor vocals given live on an American singing competition. From this moment on, his brother Prmkt vowed to get revenge on America for the humiliation.

At Hubble Middle School, the rich Manor Estates (ME) kids buy their science fair project ideas off an anonymous figure because the Hubble Science Fair is very competitive. The prize this year is $5,000, and the spoiled ME kids will do anything to win. However, nobody really understands how dangerous the science fair projects that the ME kids bought really were this year.

Toby Harbinger is a middle school student, and alongside his friends Micah and Tamara, they are determined to uncover the cheating. With the help of Sternabite, the person who gave the ME kids supplies for their projects, they believe they can do so. Unfortunately, they are ridiculed for their evidence, a single paper with the names of the cheaters, which suddenly disappears. Toby starts off on a wild adventure to uncover who is behind the disappearance of his evidence.

Meanwhile, Grdankl sends two men to assist Prmkt in taking down America. Toby, his friends, and the men are arrested the night of the science fair, mistaken to be stealers and spies. Only Toby and the prisoners know the danger they are in, and they race to save the world from Prmkt and his revenge. When the ME kids’ projects are linked up, they cause blackouts all across America that Prmkt manipulates. In the end, a flood of soda, a mechanic spider, and a flying toad help save the human race from eternal darkness. Toby and his friends are honored as heroes.

Science Fair is a thrilling novel with surprises and witty jokes throughout. The book is comical with many funny events, yet it is suspenseful, which is what I like the most about this book.