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Amazing Book Reviews: Scumble

By Ingrid Law
Reviewed by Tristan K., age 11, California
Published by Puffin Books
Recommended for ages 8 and up


Scumble is the book after Savvy in a series. It is about a boy named Ledger Kale, who, at age 13, obtained a Savvy. Savvy is an unnatural superpower. This book is an adventurous book, but it gets the point across that is important to learn to have control over yourself so that you don’t harm others. This book has a descriptive way of showing Ledger’s emotions in different situations.

Ledger Kale, due to his Savvy powers, has the ability to blow things up, along with fix things. However, he cannot control his powers. When he endangers the people close to him, Ledger decides he needs to scumble, or control his powers. He meets a young girl named Sarah Jane and endangers the family secret of the Savvy. When Sarah’s father threatens to take down his uncle Autry’s farm, Ledger decides to learn how to control his power in order to stop Sarah Jane’s father.

I really liked the main conflict of this book, which was how he needed to learn to control his powers while being at the wrong place at the wrong time. This was a brilliant way to make readers feel as if they were in the book themselves. You will find yourself letting your mind wander to the reality of this book wherever you are.