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Amazing Book Reviews: Spy Camp

By Stuart Gibbs
Reviewed by Tristan K., age 11, California
Published by Simon & Schuster
For ages 10 and up


Spy Camp is about a boy named Benjamin Ripley, who is extremely gifted with math. Whether it comes to memorizing phone numbers or remembering license plates, he can do it, no problem.

However, when it comes to stopping an entire organization, SPYDER, from kidnapping him, he’ll need a little help. He calls the amazing Erica Hale, daughter of the famous spy Alexander Hale, to help him. They experience shocking events and go through crazy adventures together. Soon they arrive at the stomach-tying truth that they must take down the organization with the help of Erica’s father.

This book is the second in the Spy Kids series, and it really grabbed my attention because who doesn’t want to be a spy? My favorite part of the book was when I found out that SPYDER only wanted to find Erica’s grandfather because he was the only person who had memorized the exact coordinates of the White House. Action-packed, with mysteries along the way, Spy Camp is a book I suggest to ages 10 and up or anyone interested in a good book about the CIA.