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Amazing Book Reviews: The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa

By Donnie Cranfill
Illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler
Reviewed by Ryan Traynor, Editor-in-Chief
Published by Grand Ventures LLC
Recommended for grandparents to read to children ages 2 to 7


The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa is a book about two young children, Nick and Sarah, that go to spend the weekend with their grandparents at their home, which the kids call “Camp Nana Papa.” They have a special friend “Flash the Firefly” that goes everywhere with them. The book talks about the special moments Nick and Sarah spend with their grandparents, their Nana and Papa, including camping, swimming, and the zoo.

I liked how all the adventures are present tense so the reader feels as if they are in the moment, experiencing the adventures with Nick and Sarah. The illustrations were well-done with enough detail to add realism while also adding a flair of fun with the bright illustrations and adventure with the addition of Flash on each page. Kids will have a fun time finding Flash and seeing how he is enjoying the experiences with the kids too. I also liked how the grandparents were truly involved with Nick and Sarah in the activities, instead of just watching them. While grandparents read this book to their grandchildren, it will encourage them to be an active part in their lives. The Flash stuffed animal that comes with the book with give kids something to hold on to and breathe life in once they picture the adventures in their minds.

At the end of the book, there are 6 pages for a grandchild to fill in to personalize the book, including special names each child calls their grandparents, a memento page to trace their hand the first time they read the book (to encourage it to be read over and over), a page to stretch their imagination by drawing a special animal like Flash, a place to draw the favorite thing to do at their grandma and grandpa’s camp, and a place to write a list of things to do at the camp. This is an important feature of the book because it links reading to real life activities and helps kids connect fiction to the possibilities in their own lives.

The Adventures of Camp Nana and Papa is an excellent gift option for a child who is planning to go to a grandparent’s house or grandparent that wants something to make a child’s visit extra special. You can find this book on