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Amazing Book Reviews: The Girl Who Could Not Dream

By Sarah Beth Durst
Reviewed By Tristan K, age 10, California
Published by Clarion Books
Recommended for ages 7 to 11


The Girl Who Could Not Dream is about a girl named Sophie whose parents bottle and sell dreams in a secret shop beneath the family bookstore. But Sophie cannot actually dream herself.

Sophie catches dreams in special dream catchers and puts them into a dream liquefier so her parents can bottle them and sell them to people. When one day both of her parents are stolen, Sophie must stop a man named Mr. Nightmare from overflowing the world with nightmares. One task is to bring an army of dreams to stop Mr. Nightmare. Only Sophie can bring dreams to life – or is that true? Through her journey, Sophie has help from her friend, Ethan, and her pet monster, “Monster”, to stop Mr. Nightmare in a very creative way.

I liked the way this book helped me imagine how my mind can create an empire. The best part was when Sophie discovered that the pink rabbits could do karate. I also liked when Glitterhoof, the unicorn, released glitter and made Monster cough.  This book combined funny passages with adventure making it impossible to put down. I recommend this for kids ages 7 to 11 who love adventure and like to laugh.