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Amazing Book Reviews: The Horse Boy

Reviewed by Avani Anil Kumar, Age 13, Saudi Arabia

Beautifully written by Rupert Isaacson, a professional author, The Horse Boy, depicts the true story of Rupert’s autistic son, Rowan Besa Isaacson. Starting from Rowan’s birth on 27 December 2001, the book covers the discovery of an autistic Rowan and his parents’ desperate attempts to hold on to their beloved child when their world is ripping away before them. With each passing day, Rowan’s growing isolation, uncontrollable fits and failing treatments fills Rupert and his wife Kristin with despair.

Even in their unhappiness, they noticed the miraculous fact that animals, especially Horses, responded lovingly to Rowan- and he to them. It was like a Ray of Hope to the family. Soon, the Isaacsons left their home to travel to Mongolia- the Land of Horses, in an epic journey to find a cure for Rowan.

With the help of numerous friends and by risking their life and future, Rupert and Kristin to save their son from the cruel clutches of Autism.

The Horse Boy is a true story stating the unending love between a parent and a child in an adventurous and riveting journey. So grab a copy and follow Rupert, Kristin and Rowan in this amazing excursion to the outskirts of Mongolia.