Amazing Kids! Magazine

Amazing Book Reviews: The Mud Hole

By Arthur Brood
Reviewed by Ryan Traynor, Editor-in-Chief
Published by Class Act Productions, 2007
Recommended for ages 8 – 13


I picked up The Mud Hole and read it cover to cover in one evening. I was immediately pulled into the book with the escapades of two brothers, 10-year-old Henry Morrison and 8-year-old Robert, during their summer vacation in 1912. Automobiles had just been introduced and were getting more popular, but people were just learning how to drive. The roads were meant for horses and buggies, not cars. So the boys came up with an idea to earn money over the summer by helping stranded motorists. The business was successful, but the boys deceived everyone around them. This is an adventure showing how the boys attempt to regain the respect of their community.

I found the story enjoyable, adventuresome, and believable. I appreciated learning about the start of the automobile industry and its effect on the work and play of everyday Americans. There are sections of informative facts and an appendix detailing the automobiles found in the story, helping the reading understand the story better.  Black and White illustrations of vintage cars complement the informative facts sections of each chapter and help readers visualize what is being explained, including the complexities in manufacturing cars. The impact of life’s choices shown in the book will be valuable to all readers as they realize that consequences can change their life and honesty has its own rewards.  If you are a car buff or like to read historical fiction adventures, this book offers quality in all areas.

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