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Amazing Book Reviews: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

By Robert Lewis Stevenson
Reviewed by Emma Kuske, age 18
For ages 9 and up


The book The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is written by Robert Lewis Stevenson. This book follows a lawyer, Mr. Utterson, throughout London as he tries to figure out the mystery behind Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde first appears in Dr. Jekyll’s will. The will said if Dr. Jekyll disappeared, everything would go to Mr. Hyde. As the book progresses, Mr. Utterson’s curiosity and hatred begin to consume him more and more as he hears about Mr. Hyde from others.

Meanwhile, throughout the book, Dr. Jekyll loses friendships due to the secrecy he keeps within his laboratory. By the second half of the book, Dr. Jekyll is rarely seen by Mr. Utterson in person. Will Mr. Utterson find out what Dr. Jekyll is working on in his laboratory before the work done there consumes Dr. Jekyll?

I would definitely suggest that anybody ages nine and up reads this book. Not only is this book a classic; many other ideas have been based off this book, including “The Incredible Hulk.” This book keeps the reader on his or her feet and is a great read.