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Amazing Book Reviews: Think Positive – Cope With Stress

By Catherine Reef
Reviewed by Claudia Chow, Book Review Editor
Recommended for ages 9 and up


Is your life too busy with school, after-school activities, and friends? Want to learn how to be less stressed and have a more positive out-look on life? Then you should read Think Positive: Cope With Stress! This book talks in depth about what is stress, and how to handle it, specifically by thinking more positively. One way to help stress and be more positive is to talk about your stress with someone. Whether it is your friends, parents, or teachers, talking about your problems is good, because they can offer advice about solving your problems; and therefore, you will able to be more optimistic about handling your stress. Another way to control your stress is by keeping a “Stress Diary,” where you write down what you were doing each day and how you were feeling at each time. You can also control your stress by using a technique called “thought stopping”; if the voice inside your head is telling you negative thoughts, tell yourself, “Stop!” Then replace the negative thoughts with positive ones.

I would highly recommend this book, because stress affects us all and it’s really important to deal with it. I know as a high-school student, my life can get pretty crazy, with school, extra-curricular activities, and friends. So, dealing with stress and reminding myself to think positively is really important. Stress isn’t something you should just ignore; you should talk to someone about it. Dealing with stress also helps you think more positively, because when you don’t feel pressured, you are able to enjoy life more and have the determination to accomplish your goals.